Writ Petition Challenging Luxury Car Allotment: Justice Sultan Tanveer to Hear the Case

Writ Petition Challenging Luxury Car Allotment: Justice Sultan Tanveer to Hear the Case

Date: August 7, 2023

The writ petition challenging the allotment of luxury cars to bureaucrats in Punjab has been filed by Advocate Farhat Manzoor Chandia. Justice Sultan Tanveer, a prominent judge in the Lahore High Court, will preside over the case.

Advocate Farhat Manzoor Chandia has taken the initiative to challenge the allocation of a substantial amount of Rs. 2333,747 Million for the purchase of transport, which includes luxury cars for high-ranking government officials. The petition contends that this allocation is inappropriate given the existing economic challenges faced by the region.

With Justice Sultan Tanveer hearing the case, stakeholders and the general public are keenly observing how the proceedings will unfold. His extensive legal expertise and reputation for upholding the principles of justice and transparency have generated considerable interest in the outcome of this case.

As the case progresses, citizens across Punjab await a fair and just resolution that aligns with the principles of fiscal responsibility and effective resource management. The hearing is expected to shed light on the reasoning behind the luxury car allotment and may prompt discussions on the optimal use of public funds for the betterment of the community at large.


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