Allah Nawaz Khosa Advocate High Court

Founding Director:

Meet Allah Nawaz Khosa Advocate, an accomplished legal practitioner with expertise in various courts including Lahore High Court, Federal Service Tribunal, and Punjab Service Tribunal.

He has earned recognition from these courts through numerous reported judgments, highlighting his exceptional legal skills.

Apart from his legal pursuits, Allah Nawaz Khosa has a keen interest in research and writing on legal discourses in service law. His passion for teaching has led him to impart knowledge to younger civil servants by conducting training sessions at different civil service academies.

One of his outstanding contributions lies in his well-researched work on Rights of Employees and Citizen Laws, which has garnered widespread acclaim across the country.

Furthermore, Allah Nawaz Khosa efficiently manages a team of lawyers in Pakistan specializing in service-related matters, showcasing his leadership and organizational abilities.

With his rich experience and dedication

Khadim Hussain Khosa Advocate Supreme court

Founding Director:

Introducing Khadim Hussain Khosa, a distinguished advocate practicing at the Supreme Court of Pakistan.

With his extensive legal knowledge and experience, he skillfully handles criminal, civil, and service matters before the highest court in the country.

In criminal cases, Khadim Hussain Khosa strives to ensure that justice is served, and the rights of his clients are safeguarded. His expertise in criminal law allows him to navigate complex legal issues effectively.

When it comes to civil matters, Khadim Hussain Khosa provides valuable assistance to clients seeking resolution in various civil disputes, including contracts, property, and family-related cases.

Furthermore, his proficiency in service matters allows him to address legal issues concerning government employees and ensure that their rights are protected.

As an advocate at the Supreme Court, Khadim Hussain Khosa demonstrates dedication, professionalism, and an unwavering commitment to upholding the l

Muhammad Nasrullah Khan Mazari

Executive Member:

Allow me to introduce Muhammad Nasrullah Khan Mazari, an accomplished advocate practicing in Punjab, Pakistan. With a diverse skill set, he adeptly handles criminal, civil, and family matters.

Muhammad Nasrullah Khan Mazari’s extensive experience in these areas of law allows him to provide valuable legal assistance and representation to his clients in Punjab. Whether it’s navigating complex criminal cases, resolving civil disputes, or addressing family-related issues, he is dedicated to upholding the rights and interests of his clients while offering professional and reliable legal services.

NEELAM ASHIE Advocate High court

Founding Director:

Meet Neelam Ashie, a versatile legal advocate who adeptly handles both civil and criminal matters. With a wide range of expertise, she provides comprehensive legal assistance to her clients in various legal disputes.

In civil matters, Neelam Ashie is well-versed in navigating cases related to contracts, property, family law, and other civil disputes. Her keen understanding of civil law enables her to offer effective guidance and representation to clients seeking resolution in these areas.

Additionally, in criminal matters, Neelam Ashie exhibits a strong grasp of criminal law and procedure. She strives to protect the rights of her clients and ensure they receive a fair and just legal representation in criminal cases.

With her commitment to excellence and a holistic approach to the law, Neelam Ashie is a reliable advocate for clients seeking assistance in both civil and criminal matters.

Huma Jamil Babar Advocate

Executive Member:

Introducing Huma Jamil Advocate, a dedicated legal professional with expertise in cybercrime law and a specialization in handling legal affairs of overseas individuals and foreigners in Pakistan.

As a cybercrime lawyer, Huma Jamil possesses a deep understanding of the complex legal issues related to digital crimes, ensuring that her clients’ rights are protected in the digital realm.

Additionally, she offers comprehensive legal support to overseas individuals and foreigners, guiding them through the intricacies of the legal system in Pakistan. Whether it’s navigating immigration matters, business transactions, or any other legal concerns, Huma Jamil provides reliable and effective representation.

With her extensive knowledge and experience in these specialized areas, Huma Jamil Advocate is a trusted legal advisor for both cybercrime cases and the legal needs of overseas clients in Pakistan.

Ghulam Akbar Khosa Advocate

Executive Member:

Meet Ghulam Akbar Khosa, a highly experienced legal practitioner specializing in tax matters, corporate company registration, and trademark registration throughout Pakistan.

With his in-depth knowledge of tax laws and regulations, he efficiently assists clients in handling their tax-related affairs.

In addition to tax expertise, Ghulam Akbar Khosa offers professional services for corporate company registration, ensuring businesses meet all the necessary legal requirements to establish and operate smoothly.

Moreover, he provides valuable assistance in trademark registration, safeguarding the intellectual property rights of businesses and individuals.

With a strong track record and a commitment to excellence, Ghulam Akbar Khosa is a reliable choice for clients seeking legal support in these crucial areas across Pakistan.

Advocate Ali Husnain Sargana

Executive Member:

Introducing Advocate Ali Husnain Sargana, a skilled legal professional based in Karachi, Pakistan. He specializes in handling criminal and family matters, showcasing his expertise in these crucial areas of law.

With his vast knowledge and experience, Advocate Ali Husnain Sargana is committed to providing effective legal representation and guidance to his clients in Karachi and beyond. Whether it’s navigating criminal cases or addressing family-related issues, he is dedicated to serving the legal needs of his clients with professionalism and diligence.

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