2024 SCMR 40

Art. 184(3)-Constitutional jurisdiction of the Supreme Private complaint/ grievance-Alternate remedy, availability by the applicant before the Supreme Court leveling serious allegations against the personnel of Inter Services Intelligence (‘ISI’) and Pakistan Rangers (Punjab) of misusing their office. and committing crimes against the applicant and his family…. Maintainability—Nature of a case

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PLD 2024 LHR.54

Appointment—Fintess to hold public office-First Information Report, registeration of—Acquittal on basis of compromise—Mere registration of FIR against any person cannot be used as a definitive test to label him as having a bad character—All acquittals including acquittal on compromise are honorable for the reason that prosecution does not succeed to

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lawyers of Pakistan in Urdu

Lahore High Court’s Landmark Judgment Extends Age Relaxation to Autonomous Body Employees

Introduction:In a groundbreaking ruling, the Lahore High Court (LHC) has recently pronounced a verdict that carries far-reaching implications for employees of autonomous bodies in Pakistan. The judgment, numbered 2023 LHC 4149, declares that these employees are now entitled to age relaxation benefits akin to those enjoyed by civil servants. This

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Law of inheritance

My father died three months ago,we are three sons.according to our mother she is now the sole owner of the house and has the total right on the house .but what I have studied that after the death of the husband the law of inheritance is that mother or father

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